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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer for all the frequently asled questions:

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Entrance tickets for the zoo :

Are the entrance tickets for the zoological park included in the price of the rent?

Yes, the tickets for the zoological park are included in the price of your stay. For children under 3 years old the tickets are free. All the tickets are valid from the day of your arrival until the day of your departure. You will not have real tickets because CERZA Safari Lodge’s guests have their own access to the park.

Payments : 


We accept all of the following means of payments : Credit cards, VISA, Master Card, cash. We don’t accept the American Express credit card.

Number of occupants : 

We are 6 persons and 1 baby, is it possible to stay with 7 persons in a Lodge ?

Lodges (PREMIUM or Classic) can host 6 persons maximum, Zoobservatories can for 4 persons maximum and safari tents for 5 persons maximum. So, for safety reasons, it is impossible to be more than those numbers in an accomodation. A baby is considered as a person, however it is possible to ask for to neighbourgh lodges (Same building, same terrace).

Parking : 

Is the parking lot far from my accomodation?

Three closed but not guarded parking lots are inside the domain. They are not far from the accomodations. At your arrival and departure you are allowed to park your vehicle just next to your accomodation to load and unload your personnal effects.

Electric vehicle:

May I reload my battery-driven vehicle ?

Electric recharging borders were installed on the domain. It is now possible to reload with a  TESLA plug, a type 2 plug but also thanks to a domestic plug 220V.

Heating :

Are the accomodation heated?

We are renting Lodges and zoobservatories from February to November so the heat is included in your stay but the tents are not heated.


Are the breakfast included in the rent?

Yes. At your arrival, you will be asked to choose your continental breakfast (bread, viennoiserie, cereals, hot drinks, jam…) It is delivred each morning at your accomodation. (BE CAREFUL : TUI and Jet Air Agency, breakfasts are an option, need to be order at your arrival)

barbecues : 

Is it possible to make barbecues?

In order to protect the nature and animals, barbecues are not allowed on the domain.

bike ride : 

Can we bring our bikes?

Bikes are not allowed inside the zoo, however you can ride in the countryside just next to the domain.

internet availability : 

When I am trying to book on internet, I can’t book for the accomodation I want, why?

If the wanted accomodation is not proposed, it is because there is no availability for the period you asked for.

Cleaning : 

What do we need to do before we leave?

We jush ask you to do the dishes (cloth are supplied) and leave a clean accomodation. Thank you !

Animal in the domain : 

Can we feed the animals who are living on site?

No, these animals need an adapted food to be healthy. It is forbidden to give them bread, candies or whatever we could eat. For a few coins, you can take pellets at the reception office. These are specially adapted for the wallabies.

Pets : 

Can we bring our pet with us during our stay?

No, because of the presence of wild animals on the domain, pets are not allowed. You can find a dos or cat pension situated at 3km from the zoo, they can take care of your pet during your stay. for more informations, please contact the reception office( +33(0)2 31 31 82 30).



Please read carefully our general conditions of sale before booking an accomodation